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Sheila Bell
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“My name’s Sheila. I run Swann Systems Ltd offering training and support to small businesses using XERO & Sage software. We also do their bookkeeping. I’m a Real-Life Entrepreneur!

For most of our customers we offer the fullest range professional bookkeeping services; from pressing the buttons to joining ‘The Board’ as Finance Directors.
The training and support arm of our business is expanding rapidly: users of XERO and SAGE are rightly keen to get as much return on their software investment as possible, and using XERO & SAGE in a way that is perfect for the their business saves time and money – and identifies new business opportunities.

We believe that XERO & SAGE training should be bespoke for our clients. Although we do offer ‘off-the-shelf’ packages, the real improvements are often found where the training meets consultancy – working with our clients actual data and business processes to embed the learning powerfully.

“I’m passionate about growing our training and support. That’s going really well, because the same attributes that make us successful bookkeepers are also critical to growth. It’s a bit cheesy but for me it’s the ‘Three Ps – Passion, Pro-activity, People. Those are the Laws of Physics in the Sheilaverse...”
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01788 890 199
“Sheila has an upbeat and positive attitude, always with a smile on her face. She is proficient at her work and will always go that extra mile for you and spend time explaining any technical terms or figures in a way that can be understood if you are not accounts minded.”
Angela Steel from Alex Lee Kitchens Ltd.

“Sheila is a shining example to us all, no doubt about it! Nothing is too much trouble for her and she is the first to offer her help even when she is bogged down with other commitments. Sheila has a natural ability to keep calm when everyone else is going slightly crazy with pressure to get a job completed. Stalwart comes to mind!
Jenny Canning, Owner/Director at Viewpoint Recruitment Ltd.

“Sheila has helped me with Sage Act, in customising my database to work with my clients and customers on a day to day basis, so no longer having notes of scribbled paper floating around my desk!!.”
Jamie Hunt, Client.

“Sheila is a wonderful lady who is highly capable and genuine. I have known her for over 2 years and shared many up and down moments and would vouch for her integrity and service provision.”
Ben Kench, Client.

“I have no hesitation in recommending Sheila to any of my business contacts. She offers a practical, no-nonsense approach to bookkeeping which ticks all the boxes required by the tax office.”
Jane Walker, Owner, Complete Office Initiatives Ltd.
“Sheila always brings a cheerful and professional approach to everything she does, and has a number of happy clients in our mutual networking groups.”
Carin Jackson, Client.
“I have known Sheila in a professional capacity since 2006 and am always impressed by her professionalism, skill, dedication and very hard working nature. On a personal level, Sheila is a very friendly and warm person and always a pleasure to work with.”
Martin Sparrow, Owner, Suretax Accounting.

“I have known Sheila for several years and have always admired her standards of professionalism and integrity. Her attention to Customer Service and offering value for money to her clients are without peer.”
Martin Parry, Consultant, IIB.
“Oh for more people like Sheila- who actually knows how to do the job well and delivers consistently! Makes my job as an accountant so much easier to have a bookkeeper who can actually book keep with intelligence, insight and integrity.”
David Nicoll, Managing Director of Management in a Box.
“Sheila provided me with the services I required at a cost I could afford and helps us move to a workable accounting system and procedures. The service is brilliant and the people excellent.”
Tim Hunt, Client.
“Sheila is great to work with and is really good at handling the unexpected! Not only that, she does what she says she will do on time and delivers excellent results. I have no hesitation in recommending her.”