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Sue Roberts, Advanced Healing Therapies
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Through the use of advanced technology our treatments can alleviate symptoms of chronic pain and aid the recovery from accidents and injuries.

By precisely targeting the exact place that requires treatment, we can deliver rapid, noticeable results after just one treatment. Treatments can be targeted at surface layers of the skin, through lower layers of the epidermis, muscle, tendons and bones, to combat a wide range of complaints.

Chronic Pain Relief
We can alleviate the pain, often with longer term benefits of many chronic conditions. Some of the conditions we have had success treating are listed below. This is not an exhaustive list. Please ask if your complaint is not listed, as we may be able to help.

Arthritis / Bursitis - Headaches & Migraines - Muscle Spasms - Neuritis - Anxiety & Stress - Hearing & Vertigo

Accidents & Injuries
As well as reducing the pain, we can accelerate the bodies natural healing process to assist the recovery from a wide range of injuries including...

Whiplash & Spinal Chord Injury :: Back & Neck Pain :: Inflamed Ankles, Knees & Elbows :: Groin Strain :: Achilles Tendon :: Ligaments & Tendons Damage :: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome :: Muscle Fibrosis ::Burns, Wound Healing and Scarring ::Broken Bones, Sprains & Strains

Advanced Technology widely used in America...
Based on advanced medical technology from America our equipment uses micro-current and bio-feedback to read the energy levels within the body's cells. Through our scanning process these instruments work by identifying and highlighting abnormal tissue function/response, indicating damage and the need for healing and repair in that area. After identifying the damaged tissue, it is able to adjust itself, and produce an electric current which "normalises or corrects" the damaged tissue. This corrective, low voltage electrical current actually regenerates injured tissue. It promotes the body's own healing mechanisms by initiating repairs at the cellular level. Current required is so small it cannot be felt and treatments are pain free.
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