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Roger Dore, Inspirational Labels
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Our business is based on many years experience in the Labelling and Ticketing industry providing solutions to the Retail, Automotive, Food, Engineering, Horticultural and Pharmceutical sectors.

We offer a one stop design and production answer to ANY problem, using the very latest Apple design equipment. Alternatively we can provide you with your own in house Printer/Software/ Labelling solution which you can use to produce your own labels or tickets as and when you require.


Roger Dore, Inspirational Labels
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"One of my contracts involves checking design drawings for sprinkler systems and then verifying that the systems have been installed correctly. Part of this process involves stamping the design drawing and then separately an ‘As Installed’ drawing after I have visited site. My client provided me with an inked pad and stamp that is a messy arrangement, can smudge and if the wrong information is put in the data boxes irretrievable as a fresh drawing would be needed and I only have one so hence a delay in replacement.

The solution for me is to use adhesive labels that can be completed prior to applying to the drawing. If I make a mistake the label can be thrown away and a new one filled in. Problem solved thanks to Roger Dore from Inspirational Labels." - David Smith, Risk Consulting

"After hearing Roger give his presentations at the club for several months, I didn't expect he could help me with some office window transfers that I wanted printing and applying, so was surprised when he said he could help.

He got back to me with a quote quickly and took the time to visit our office so he could get an idea of exactly what we wanted. What I liked about Roger was that when we requested he change some of the sample work he had done for us, he did so without question and came back with what we wanted quickly. The transfers look great and were done will within budget." - Paul Flintoft, Market Me

"Roger has a talent for finding just the right format for any type of label you might require.

For us it is to provide labels for all our client folders, this makes sure we know which folder we need and has our details on when the files go the accountants - they know who to call.

We also have luggage labels for the bags containing the folders - again so that the accountants can find the files.

With out Roger what would we do? He makes our life so much easier." - Sheila Bell, Swann Systems