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Mark Drakeford, MD Computer Solutions
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The company was started over 15 years ago to help home users and small businesses in the midlands area. The reason for forming the company was to give support to people who don't want to unplug everything and take it to a shop or workshop but to come equipped to fix a lot of problems at your house or premises. We now have a regular customer base of home and small businesses giving good honest advice and competitive rates meaning the company is still growing and becoming a well known brand name.
Phone No
01788 577817
"Mark has the ability to clear all your spam etc in double quick time.

He is always on the ball - updating everyone about the latest spam, phishing attacks. He wants to make sure everyone is safe.

His own built to your spec Pc's are worth the extra as they last so much longer and all your data is transferred without loosing anything.

You hope you don't need him in an emergency - but if you do you know he will be there." - Sheila Bell, Swann Systems