2020 Meeting Dates

St Andrews RFC
The RIBN meeting runs every 2 weeks, the details of which are below:

Where: Rugby St Andrews RFC, Hillmorton Grounds, Ashlawn Rd, Rugby, CV22 5QQ
When: Every other Tuesday morning
What time: 7am – 8.50am
How much: £12.50 for breakfast (full English or continental with a variety of hot and cold drinks)

The dates for the 2020 meetings are below:

N.B. Rugby St Andrews RFC have temporarily suspended all activities and so we will not be meeting again officially until the COVID-19 situation is resolved.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Tue 7th Tue 11th Tue 10th Tue 7th Tue 5th Tue 2nd
Tue 14th
Tue 11th
Tue 8th
Tue 6th Tue 3rd
Tue 1st
Tue 14th Tue 25th Tue 24th Tue 21st
Tue 19th
Tue 16th Tue 28th Tue 25th Tue 22nd
Tue 20th Tue 17th Tue 15th
Xmas quiz
 Tue 28th  Tue 30th    Tue 24th