2017 RIBN Christmas Quiz

The 2017 RIBN Christmas quiz took place this morning with five teams taking part.  The questions tested everyone’s knowledge of RIBN membership, famous film scenes, 2017 celebrity deaths and song snippets.

The prize at stake? A fine bottle of red and white wine for the winning duo and of course the dreaded wooden spoon for the losing team, which this year was none other than Michael Ball & Alfie Boe’s latest album “Together Again.” Shocking.

The score was out of 80 points and only one team got over 50%, with the winning team scoring 50/80.  The questions MUST have been hard this year?  See below and decide for yourself.

Big congratulations to winning team of Steve Valentine from Valentine Financial Options and Adam Holland from Adam’s Aloe. Enjoy the wine!

Commiserations to the losing team (no names mentioned) who will have to endure all 16 of Michael Ball and Alfie Boe’s songs over the festive period.

N.B. For those that missed the quiz, there were 80 questions, split into four sections, with a total of 80 points available.


  1. What was the subject of Martin Sparrow’s two talks this year? 1pt
  2. What was the subject of Simon Coates’ first talk this year? 1pt
  3. What was the subject of Roy Watsons’ talk this year? 1pt
  4. What piece of equipment was Roger Dore talking about in his presentation this year? 1pt
  5. What piece of equipment was Mark Drakeford talking about in his presentation this year? 1pt
  6. What year was RIBN formed? 1pt
  7. On the RIBN homepage, what are the six listed benefits of joining RIBN? 6pts
  8. Give eight vacancies listed on the RIBN website 4pts for 8+, 2pts for 4+


SECTIONS TWO & THREE: Famous Film Scenes & 2017 Celebrity Deaths

Two points for each film and year of release (first eight slides), one point for naming the British TV series (slides nine and ten). One point for naming each celebrity.

SECTION FOUR: 15 song snippets – can you get the song names and artists?

Three points available for the first six songs, one for the song name, artist and year that the song was Christmas number one.  Two points available for the other song snippets for naming the song name and artist.

How would you have done?

Merry Christmas everyone!